Where are the magic crystals?

The clown who is in charge of warding off all evil from this valley could not find his magic hat one morning, as the cunning goblin had stolen it. But with the help of countless children, the clown managed to get back his hat.

But the joy of having got back the hat was short-lived!

However, when the goblin was in possession of the magic hat, its magic powers mysteriously passed over to the goblin. In order not lose them again, the goblin transferred the magic powers to his precious crystals in a magic ritual and hid them in a secret place. Angry about having lost the hat, the goblin now once again took up his mischief. He twists trees, paints rocks and plays all kinds of other pranks. He is even said to have cast a spell on the cross on the summit of Kobold mountain to move it to another place!

This is where the real adventure begins now!

Your mission is:
“Find the crystals’ secret hiding-place and take away the goblin’s magic powers”.

Thank goodness the goblin is a little forgetful and has left behind several clues to lead him to his secret hiding-place. To get to these clues, you must pass many tricky tests and accomplish mystery missions.

But be careful! Don’t let yourself be misled.

If you successfully accomplish all missions, you’ll get the last clue about the whereabouts of the secret hiding-place. Having reached it, you must now extract the magic powers from the crystals again at all cost. Unfortunately, no one knows how to do this, because no one has ever managed to find the secret hiding-place yet. You are the valley dwellers’ last hope of living a quiet life again.