Find the secret hiding place ...

... and give the Kobold its magical powers!

By taking possession of the magic hat cunning Kobold obtained magic powers and transferred these to his crystals. Angry at losing the hat Kobold is again plotting mischief with these magic powers.

To find out where Kobold has hidden these crystals you have to follow the secret clues and head out on adventure-filled missions.

You are the valley inhabitants‘ last hope!
‚We are counting on you‘

Here‘s how it works:
The clue for the first station has already been marked on your map. At the first station – named ‚Verdrehte Welt‘ – you have to find the clue for the next quadrants and the next play station. At each station you have to master a new task which will reveal the next quadrants to you. Whenever you reach a stop sign you are on the right path, since the next station which is hiding the Kodok will be close by. When you have solved all the tasks correctly with the help of your map you will find the secret hiding place and the magic crystal.

Tip: Definitely make a note of all the quadrants on your map - you will still need these! And another tip: don‘t let Kobold lead you astray, rely on the solutions that you find yourself!

GPS: If you want to find stations with your GPS device just enter the coordinates which are next to the quadrants on your treasure map!